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To us reading is more than a way to past the time, for us it is a way of life.

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    Lisa started reading at a young age and since then, always has a book...or two... close by. Amongst all the stress of real life, Lisa likes to leave real life behind (at least for a little while) and travel to other worlds and meet exciting heros or move through the dark of night with sexy vamps. Romance is Lisa's first love, but she also enjoys the rare sci-fi, fantasy or mystery story. Lisa hopes that one day she will find that one special someone for her. Until then, she will keep dreaming upon a star and share those special books she finds with others.

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    Phillip Tomasso III is the award-winning author of Adverse Impact, Johnny Blade, Third Ring, Tenth House and Mind Play. Tomasso also writes middle grade novels under the pen name, Grant R. Philips: King Gauthier and the Little Dragon Slayer, Jay walker: The Case of the Missing Action Figure, Sounds of Silence to be released in the Fall of 2004. He lives in Rochester, New York with his wife and three children.

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    Hi, I'm Sherri Myers and a contributing reviewer for In the Library Reviews. I have threee kids, and have been married for 20 years. I have been reviewing for over a year and I love it. I also enjoy crossstitch. My favorite books are sweet romance and Christian books of any kind. I am also a children's book reviewer.



Renee George Reviews



Added November 30, 2005

The Beast Book 2: Eat Your Heart Out

Author: Reneé George
Publisher: Changeling Press
Available At:
Publishing Date: Available Now
Genre: Romance: Erotic/Paranormal/Vampire/Gay/Bisexual/Menage
Format: Ebook download in PDF/HTML/LIT
Price: $3.49
ISBN: 1-59596-210-7
Author Email/Website:
Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht
Rating: 8 gargoyle pic Gargoyles

With the help of his lover, Master Vampire Guillermo, Doctor Nathan Greer has finally adapted to life as a vampire. Nathan never realized how passionate it could be to be in the arms of another man. Being with Gui was something he never wanted to give up, although he had no choice. Someone in Kansas City was killing vampires by ruthlessly ripping out their throats and taking their hearts. Worst of all, it appears to be the work of another vampire.

An ancient, controlling Vampire Master arrives in Kansas City, determined to find out who killed two of his vampires. There was no love lost between Gui and the new Vampire Master and Gui fears for Nathan's life. If Min were to find out who his latest lover is, he will harm Nathan. Only one option was open to Gui, he had to put distance between himself and Nathan. To protect Nathan and to stop his own preoccupation with him.

When Nathan is kidnapped, Gui has no choice but to save him. Or to die trying.

Just like her previous Beast novel, Reneé George's Eat Your Heart Outis a wonderful, compelling, action-packed tale. It keeps the reader burning through the passion filled love scenes and on the edge of the seat desperate to find out what will happen next. Once I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down until I reluctantly turned the final page. Eat Your Heart Out is a very enjoyable read and this reviewer hopes Ms. George is considering a third book in this amazing series.

Reviewer/Publisher Note: Eat Your Heart Out is book two of the serial, The Beast. These books share a universe and are meant to be read in order. It is highly recommended readers first pick up The Beast: Taking Back Control before reading Eat Your Heart Out.

Added November 30, 2005

The Beast Book 1: Taking Back Control

Author: Reneé George
Publisher: Changeling Press
Available At:
Publishing Date: Available Now
Genre: Romance: Erotic/Paranormal/Vampire/Gay/Bisexual
Format: Ebook download in PDF/HTML/LIT
Price: $3.49
ISBN: 1-59596-175-5
Author Email/Website:
Reviewer: Lisa Lambrecht
Rating: 8 gargoyle pic Gargoyles

Dr. Nathan Greer was working late one night at the hospital when he witnessed two fellow employees finding pleasure with each other. The sexual heat brought out the beast within him and he fled to the rooftop to calm the beast. Before he was completely in control a friend and fellow employee followed him. Unable to stop the beast, he attacked her and with his last bit of control refrained from killing her. At his wit's end, Nathan finally admitted he needed the help of a master vampire to teach him to control the beast.

Master vampire Guillermo is surprised when Nathan comes into his nightclub and asks for help. Nathan has always fascinated him. He wants Nathan; Nathan knows it and doesn't like it. He's not into guys and the sensuality surrounding Gui makes it hard for Nathan to resist. Will Gui be able to help Nathan control the beast? Will Nathan be able to resist the sexual pull?

The Beast: Taking Back Control is a fast-paced, fascinating story. Ms. George gives readers a compelling story with believable and likeable characters. The sex scenes are extremely hot and passionate. This is an amazing read and one I highly recommend. However, it is not for the faint of heart as there are many graphic M/M sex scenes. But, if you don't read it, *fans self* boy, oh boy, you don't know what you're missing. *ggg*



Jan Winebrenner Reviews


Added November 30, 2005

The Grace of Catastrophe - When What You Know about God Is All You Have

Author: Jan Winebrenner
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Available At: Bookstores Everywhere
Publishing Date: March 2005
Genre: Nonfiction: Inspirational/Christian Living/Women's Studies
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 0802450415
Author Email/Website:
Reviewer: Phillip Tomasso III

So many people are under the misconception that once you become a Christian the rest of your life is pure bliss, filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Unfortunately, that mindset is not biblical. The Bible, in fact, pretty much promises that once you become a Christian persecution, tests and hard times are certain to follow. The reason is simple, Satan does not want you to follow that righteous path and will now be working double-time to prevent your efforts at maintaining a meaningful relationship with Jesus. Makes sense. What's this mean? Well, once you give you open your heart and invite Jesus in-expect catastrophe.

Jan Winebrenner has comprised a book of ten chapters that cover the gamut of pain and suffering. However, from each inspiring chapter heading, the reader will find valuable resources referenced from the Bible that clearly point out the brilliance of Faith, Hope and Love. Additionally, and personally, Winebrenner includes true-life vignettes that illustrate the purpose for each chapter.

At the end of each chapter are small group-like questions that can be discussed in a Bible small group setting, or used by the reader alone in order to quietly reflect on the chapter read, and the Bible versus contained within.

It might be that the entire meat of the book can be summed up in Chapter Six, "Our Safe Refuge." Here, and I quote the author, it is stated "It is love that found me when I was his enemy. It won't desert me now that I am his child," and "We can't embrace the full impact of God's ever presence, and find comfort and joy in it, unless we begin to believe, wholeheartedly, that God loves us with an everlasting, unconditional love."

Why are these quotes important? They focus in on the doubts that effect the heart of a Christian's walk with God. Doubt and insecurity slowly cut away at the foundation of any relationship. Without trust, where are you? This principal is true in a marriage, in a friendship-so why shouldn't it be true in your relationship with the Lord? I found a disconcerting anomaly in the character of Witaker, who claims to be from another time and place, mainly the 21st century and New York City, where he runs a small carpet cleaning service. Is he an imaginary character, or is his presence as a lowly cleaner of rugs meant to symbolize something? His constant sales pitch to everyone he meets regarding his complete carpet cleaning nyc service doesn't seem real or fitting. What does a rug cleaning service contribute to the biblical references other than create confusion. I get that in the future, money means more than in the present and this may be the reasons for his constant hawking of his services, but I found this character out of place and demeaning to the story.

In Chapter Eight, "Between the Paws of the True Lion," Wienbrenner calls out another reality that hinders our relationship with God. In this chapter she talks about the fact that we are brought up to be independent. If we want to be a true follower of Christ we must give up that independence. God wants us to rely on Him, to be dependent on Him. Without that-here we go again-trust, we can't claim to have a sincere relationship. We can't.

Winebrenner's book is solemn at times, it is serious and gripping. She writes in a way that is simple, but without watering down truth. She writes in a way that impacts the reader with examples, without detracting from the biblical message at hand. Winebrenner's passion is evident from page to page. She wants to reach those hurting, those suffering, and be honest, who among us isn't hurting in some way, suffering in some way. Who among us does not know someone hurting, or suffering? The Grace of Catastrophe is filled with rich insight into what God wants from us, as well as what we can expect from God. What more can you ask of a book?



James R. Coggins Reviews


Added November 30, 2005

Who's Grace? cover

Who's Grace?

Author: James R. Coggins
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Available At: Bookstores Everywhere
Publishing Date: January 2004
Genre: Mystery: Christian
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $10.99
ISBN: 0802417647
Reviewer: Phillip Tomasso III

James R. Coggins has begun a series of cozy mysteries with a magazine editor at the center of them all. Who's Grace? is book one in the series and it is an interesting, puzzling first tale.

On a return flight home, as the plane is about to land, Smyth believes he has witnessed a murder. Reporting the crime to the police seems like the right thing to do. Since Smyth cannot say exactly where the supposed crime took place, who the supposed victim was, what exactly the supposed murdered looks like, the police do not put much weight into the editor's account. That is, until a woman's body turns up. The only identification on her is a pendant gripped in her hand with the word (or name) "Grace" on it.

The police now lend some credibility to Smyth's rendition of events. They also find it suspicious that he is the magazine editor for a publication called, Grace. As the police look closer and closer at Smyth, a web is spun within the community. It is amazing how many people named Grace have suddenly gone missing. It is also amazing how closely the Grace's can be traced back to Smyth making him a prime suspect in the murder case.

Evenly paced, Coggins presents a well-crafted whodunit. The pieces to the puzzle are all there. It is fun fitting them together chapter after chapter. Solid characters and a surprise-twist ending make Who's Grace? the perfect mystery for any reader who enjoys genuine sleuth novels. I have the next two in the series, Desolation Highway, and Mountaintop Drive, and I anxiously look forward to reading them both!



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John MacArthur Reviews

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Added November 30, 2005

Twelve Extraordinary Women - How God Shaped Women of the Bible and What He Wants to Do With You

Author: John MacArthur
Publisher: Nelson Books, a divsion of Thomas Nelson Publishers
Available At: Bookstores Everywhere
Publishing Date: November 1, 2005
Genre: Nonfiction: Christian Life/Bible Study
Format: Hardback
Price: $22.99
ISBN: 0-7852-6256-3
Author Email/Website:
Reviewer: Joyce Handzo
Rating: 9 gargoyle pic Gargoyles

You don't have to be a woman to love this book! John MacArthur combines his writing ability with his spiritual perception to give readers a look at twelve remarkable women from the Bible. Their faith, courage and dedication to the Lord serve as examples that everyone will want to emulate.

Beginning with Eve, and including such notables as Sarah, Hannah and Mary, the author takes readers on a tour of biblical history to meet these ladies. Each chapter quivers with a vibrant sense of realism. These women practically step out of time and into our modern world with powerful descriptions and stories that connect with contemporary issues.

And that's the beauty of John MacArthur's writing style. His words breathe life into these biblical people and events, which causes the reader to experience them in their mind's eye. Yet, it doesn't stop there. The author also allows each woman's story to touch today's world, which gently highlights the significance of the spiritual lessons By the time the last page is turned, these women will have become more than just a famous name; they will have walked alongside the reader and whispered their stories as a source of encouragement and inspiration.

The lives of these faith-filled females also sketch out the chronology of God's redemptive work in history. Each woman stands at a crossroad in time, and her story contributes to the overall Gospel message. Reading these accounts will bring an understanding of the motivation and mercy behind the atonement.

Twelve Extraordinary Women is one amazing book!



Upstaged: A Gus LeGarde Mystery


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